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The family band plays world music fusion based on vlach gypsy tradition with modern scoring, personal content, unique and original compositions, outstanding instrumental variations, virtuoso guitar, performing a sound that is bending tradition by thinking in a broader unity.

Ticket info: 30 RON
Info: 0264.450.655
Romano Drom
World | gypsy music | Hungary

Romano Drom practises music as a freedom. A way of discovering, accessing and sharing the world. Far from confining themselves to a gypsy folklore band the group makes capital of new tones and instruments, common elsewhere but unusual in the Hungarian Olahs tradition.
Their success lies in their unique fusion music in which Antal Kovács (founder and composer of Romano Drom) combines the centuries-old musical culture with Catalan rumba, Arabic, Balkan and even pop rhythms. In the musical arrangement, he is utilising guitar, bass, as well as the traditional pot and spoon in order to achieve a unique and captivating sound.
Their music proudly carries on the traditions of the predecessors, while tapping into a contemporary subconscious. Through this modern bridge they can successfully convey the ancient energy even to those who have not been touched by this culture before.

Romano Drom celebrates its 20th anniversary with a jubilee album ‘Give me wine’ released and distributed by Riverboat Records, World Music Network, ranked in a noble position on WMCE in July and August, which received friendly reviews from Songlines among others.
The band gave a showcase concert on this album’s music material at WOMEX, Tampere with a loud success.

Band members
Kovács Antal
Kovács Mát
Kovács Krisztián
Balogh József
Bordás Péter

funk | Brazil | afro | electronica | breaks


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