Middlemist Red & Astro Générale

Atelier Cafe Nemzetközi

Middlemist Red & Astro Générale | After-party w/ George Allen

Middlemist Red are some of the freest and most adventurous minds in contemporary Hungarian rock & roll – their blasting psychedelic sound is unpredictable and invigorating, not to mention fun to listen to. Get ready for a band in their most primal, exploratory state, angry and bleeding and looking for new angles with every new riff, crash, feedback-drenched delay.

Fresh newcomers Astro Générale play with a dizzying array of styles and genres, yet their excellent taste and melodic sensibility ensure that their whole wild, spacey endeavor stays firmly on its indie rock rails.

After-party w/ George Allen Officiel and his soulful, groove questing, pretty much irresistible soundscapes.