Korai trancemission live @Atelier Café

Atelier Cafe Ismeretterjesztő

Embark on a journey with Korai Trancemission through the world of dancing!

Artist support: 20 lei


Korai Trancemission
Psychedelic, tribal ethnic-trance, Hungary

Korai Trancemission, the tribal fusion band that combines special ethnic sounds by fuyara, jew’s harp and khoomei throat singing, featuring powerful tribal drum and percussion beats. For more than 20 years the band has been an extraordinary representative of the psychedelic trance music scene. Sometimes retro, usually acid keyboard sounds and dynamically monotonic, minimal bass guitar are the twists that spice up their sound. The spound of the guitars sum up all their influences with their ethnic, ambient and psychedelic rock rhythms.


This event was made possible with the help of Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Hangfoglaló Program and Stairway Booking.