J’ai Live Music: Analog Balaton live / Dodo

J'ai Bistrot Târgu Mureș Ismeretterjesztő

Blending minimal pop with synths, guitar, dreamy voice sounds and a natural chilled attitude, Analog Balaton present a unique performance to an ever curious audience.

Artist support: 15 lei


Analog Balaton
Minimal pop, Hungary

Story: Everything started about 10 years ago. The two members of the band met each other in a theatre camp in their childhood. Fast forward a few years, in 2013 they started to jam together in the studio that quickly began to unfold into a 30 minutes set. After this it took almost a year so they could realize that they wanted and knew how to work together in order for the first song to be finalized and launched.
Influences: Darkside, Jon Hopkins
View of the future: home?
Mission: to do.
Sex appeal: A 1940s Turner, 22 mics
house, acid, disco, Romania

The Cluj based artist brings happiness and love by his absolutely positive, carefully selected tracks, building up an unforgettable musical journey all the time.