My Europe My Rbights – fotópályázat

My Europe My Rbights

Recent events including the abuse of power, violence and attacks on essential values
in Europe and beyond show that nothing, not even our most fundamental rights, must be
taken for granted. Fundamental human rights that were developed as universal and indivisible protection mechanisms are being challenged by political ideologies and actions.

– Do we have to give up certain rights to keep others? Are there rights only for some, but not for all?
– Take your camera and show us what rights mean to you and where they might be be under threat. llustrate what Europe means in terms of protecting and living rights that in many parts of the world are only a dream.

Send us a photo, before 30 June (23.59, Brussels time – UTC+1) depicting what ‘my Europe, my rights’ means to you and try to win a cultural 3-day trip to Brussels for two and photographic equipment worth up to € 2,000.

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